Our applications helps businesses provide better accessibility to employment by shipping training bundled with adverts to customers. Training apps will grow your reach, increase engagement with candidates and generate leads. Improving user experience and interactions builds an atmosphere of trust, reliability and professionalism. Eliminate qualification barriers and take your candidates straight to work.

Desktop app

Downloadable training app with your company logo and colors. The app features easy to follow instruction on how to obtain key qualifications. Differentiate yourself from regular recruitment by being at your customers training academy.

Web development

Training website for candidates will create savings in terms of time and effort. Candidates find out what to do to get hired by you. Adverts onsite will capture candidates attention and persuade them to apply.

Recruitment strategy

Streamlined interactions with customers is needed in recruitment now. Not seen as pestering your customers is a challenge but when you support them with training its easier to ask for leads.The old give and take ... And take.


CSCS trainer

Desktop App



Sales script



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